9 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls

9 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls – Reviews and Comparison of Dog Feeders (Updated for 2018!)

When feeding a pet is more like throwing a raw chicken to an alligator, it can be upsetting. But what’s more, the rapid ingestion of food can lead to some potentially dangerous problems: from less dangerous to those that can threaten the life of your pet. Here are some points to consider:

– The dog eats too fast and almost doesn’t chew. As a result, it can choke if something big gets into the esophagus.

– When an animal runs after a meal, it also swallows a large amount of air. This can lead to regurgitation or gases, which is not too pleasant but relatively harmless.

However, for some pets, usually for breeds with a broad chest, rapid swallowing can lead to swelling from a lot of air. During abdominal distension, their stomachs are not yet expanded. The possibility of expanding increases when the stomach is swollen from food or air. These are problems that you face when not using a slow release dog feeder.

Common symptoms of abdominal distension are the bloated stomach, hunched movement, unsuccessful vomiting, lethargy, and restlessness.

What is the best way to avoid problems when a puppy eats too fast? It is necessary to think in advance and to purchase the best slow feed dog bowl. So, how to slow down dog eating?

What Is a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?

Bowls to make dogs eat slower are designed for animals that eat food eagerly. Puppies hasten to finish a portion of food, especially when there are more pets in the house. Competition for food forces them to swallow their portion without chewing. In the puppy bowl for slow feeding, manufacturers put obstacles. The animal is forced to look for food and eat it gradually. The moderate rate of food consumption improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Stainless Steel Slow Feed Dog Bowls

All top slow feed dog bowls are usually made of stainless steel, which makes them highly durable. Such dog bowls do not break easily and serve for much longer. These models are equipped with rubber elements preventing the dishes from spilling on the floor. Additional stability of the product is provided by the expanded base – such metal slow feed dog bowl is difficult to upend while eating.

Non-Metallic Slow Feed Dog Bowls for Fast Eaters

The most common and inexpensive slow feed pet bowl is made of plastic, but such products are short-lived as they quickly crack and break. The main disadvantages of the plastic bowls are lightness and instability: the animal will drag it on the floor during meals and can even spill the contents. The pros of plastic dog bowls for greedy dogs include the possibility of using them in microwave ovens.

Also, there is ceramic dog food bowl slow eating options. They are very beautiful, stable and have patterns on the surface. Ceramic bowls are also suitable for heating food in a microwave oven, they are easy to take care of. However, they have a significant drawback – high brittleness. The ware from ceramics is short-lived as it easily breaks.

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl Reviews – Our Top 9

After analyzing hundreds of products offered on the market, reading tons of reviews and talking to pet lovers we outlined nine best options for you to choose from. So here is our TOP 9 best slow feeders for dogs for you to compare.:

Product Capacity Material Rating
Outward Hound Dog Bowl Interactive Slow Feeder
X-small: 3/4 cup
Small: 2 cups
Large: 4 cups
4.6 of 5
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Kyjen Outward Hound Slow Feeder
X-small: 3/4 cup
Small: 2 cups
Large: 4 cups
4.6 of 5
BUY NOW Amazon.com
Guzzle Muzzle Slow Feeder Bowl by Wag Haus
Small: 3/4 cup
Large: 1.5 cups
Plastic and silicon
4.6 of 5
BUY NOW Amazon.com
Mr. Peanut’s Interactive Slow Feed Dog Bowl
Medium: 3 cups
Large: 3.5 cups
Stainless steel
4.4 of 5
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Pedy Pet Fun Feeder
Standard: 2 cups Plastic
4.3 of 5
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PetSafe Automatic Feeder
From 1/8-4 cups
and up to 12 meals per day
Stainless steel
4.3 of 5
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Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl
X-small: 0.6 cups
Small: 1.25 cups
Medium: 2.5 cups
Large: 5 cups
4.3 of 5
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HDP JW Skid Stop Food and Water Bowl
Medium: 1 cup
Large: 3 cups
Jumbo: 6 cups
4.2 of 5
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OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Dog Bowl
Small: 3 cups
Medium: 5 cups
Large: 8 cups
Stainless steel
4 of 5
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Best Overall: Outward Hound Dog Bowl Interactive Slow Feeder

Animals often play with their food and as an owner, you can add even more fun with an amazing slow feeder maze bowl by Outward Hound. The dish contains labyrinths that keep pets engaged and eating longer.


  • It is entertaining for puppies and older pets
  • Helps to prevent abdominal distension
  • Contains a rubber base that doesn’t let the bowl move
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Developed using top-quality plastic
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Appears to be a bit complex in design for puppies

Best Puzzle: Kyjen Slow Feeder by Outward Hound

Kyjen Outward Hound Slow Feeder is an excellent solution for pets who tend to eat everything at once. This spiral dog bowl by Outward Hound is developed from safe plastic and easily helps to inculcate a habit to eat healthily. With such a funny dish, the dinner resembles a game where it needs to hunt for food. It is also possible to use this slow feed dog bowl for bulldogs.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Allows to control portions
  • 3 unique designs and colors


  • Can be turned over by a smart and big pet

Best Design: Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Guzzle Muzzle by Wag Haus

The flat surface of this unique Guzzle Muzzle slow eating dog bowl by Wag Haus prevents dogs from eating too much at once. It resembles a puzzle and is available in 2 sizes for smaller and bigger animals. What is rather perfect – it takes just several seconds for a pet to get used to this bone-like dog bowl with obstacles.


  • Unusual funny bone design
  • Can be used for flat-nosed pets
  • Contains a silicon base that prevents it from sliding on the floor
  • Can be easily cleaned


  • Can’t be cleaned in a dishwasher

Best in Use: Mr. Peanut's Interactive Dog Bowls to Slow Down Eating

Mr. Peanut’s interactive slow dog bowl is a top-quality product that is extremely helpful for pets who like to overeat. The design of this puzzle bowl with a silicone ring protects it from slipping on the floor.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Good for challenging meals
  • Is a stainless steel slow feed bowl
  • Contains non-slip blue ring
  • Is easy to clean


  • May be too easy for a smart pet

Best Anti Gulp: Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Feeders

Dogit Go Slow anti-gulping bowl is unique by design that reduces the risk of bloating. It is available in 4 colors and in 4 sizes. It is relatively cheap compared to other variants, though it is still rather effective. Such dog food bowls can be used both for dry and wet food. With this entertaining bowl, the eating habits of your pet will be changed and will become better.


  • It is entertaining for puppies and older pets
  • Nice design
  • Good and pleasant colors
  • Works well for different kinds of food
  • Can be cleaned in a dishwasher


  • Not ideal for puppies but good for dogs with big muzzles

Best Dog Feeder: PetSafe Automatic Feeder

If you are looking for an automatic feeder for your pet, choose PetSafe Healthy Feeder. This dog feeder has a digital timer that allows to give up to 12 meals to your 4-pawed friend. It is very convenient in use thanks to the stainless slow feed dog bowl and very easy to program. What is absolutely important – it is effective. An animal will be given food during 15 minutes, so it will be protected from gulping and eating too much.


  • Can be easily programmed by means of a smartphone
  • Can help to build a schedule of meals
  • Prevents stomach bloat
  • Allows to set up the duration of the meal
  • Convenient for pets


  • Easily removable bowl. If your pet is very smart, it can remove the dish and food will be everywhere on the floor.

Best Warranty: Pedy Pet Fun Dog Food Bowl Maze

Pedy Pet Fun Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder is able to save your dog from eating quickly and too much. It can be used for dry and canned food and it is easy to clean. You will be surprised that your pet will chew the food more accurate with a special dog bowl insert to slow down eating. Its maze-like design is a finding for those who want to save their dogs from various stomach illnesses and to slow down dog eating.


  • Good for healthy diet
  • Nice color
  • Is absolutely eco-friendly
  • Offers 180-day warranty


  • Offered in one size only

Best in Hygiene: HDP JW Skid Stop Food and Water Bowl

JW Pet managed to create a perfect dog dish to slow down eating. It has an interesting interior that prevents it from eating a lot of food without chewing. The base of the dish has a rubber that helps it to stay still and unmoved on the floor.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Is bacteria-resistant
  • Unmovable on the floor
  • Offers unusual design
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Is dishwasher-safe


  • Not a great option for smart pets

Best Stainless: OurPets DuraPet Premium Slow Feed Dog Bowl

OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Bowl is absolutely hygienic and made with heavyweight, durable stainless steel. This puppy slow feeder bowl was developed to save pets from gastrointestinal discomfort. The manufacturer took care of the pets of different sizes and breeds. At first sight, it may look a bit unusual, but the most important fact is that it helps. It is a real fun feeder for dogs.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Good design in a form of an upside-down dish
  • Is safe from skidding
  • Offered in 2 sizes
  • Can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher


  • Might be too small for big breeds

What Happens When a Dog Eats Too Fast

A picture of a dog that quickly absorbs food during a meal is quite common. Almost all of them behave this way when they see food. However, such ingestion is not always good and can lead to serious health problems.

Dogs eat quickly from their bowls, often without chewing properly. Usually, this happens to animals that have faced competition from brothers and sisters being a puppy or that live in a house where there are several four-legged friends. It’s the survival instinct.

No gulp dog bowl is needed in this case. The matter is that poor digestion is only one of the problems, others are flatulence, the accumulation of gases in the stomach, and even volvulus in the worst case. Many people believe that this can happen only to big animals. But this problem does not depend on the size and can lead to death if not noticed on time. If the pet eats too fast, there is a risk that the stomach will literally rotate 180 degrees and this is a very serious problem that can only be solved if immediately noticed and with the help of an experienced veterinarian. Buying the best slow feed bowl for pugs in this case is a real solution.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Too Fast

One of your possibilities is the following: the amount of feed should always be monitored by a slow pet feeder. Despite the fact that the packaging of many foods contains recommendations based on the dog’s breed and its weight, they are all approximate. Only the owner can assess what is right for their pet.

Thanks to a slow feed dog bowl for puppies, you will avoid multiple health problems with your lovely friend. They significantly increase the time of eating and discipline. Healthy eating is good not only for people but for animals as well.

Are Elevated Dog Bowls Safe? Let’s Find Out!

So, the choice of the right bowl is very important. And what about an elevated slow feed dog bowl? The review proves that they are an ideal solution, especially for pets of large and medium breeds. Raised slow feed dog bowls solve several problems at once.

  • Good slow feed dog bowl with stand prevents spilling food and water.
  • Thanks to high stand, the dog will no longer need to raise the head.
  • The higher the bowl, the less air is swallowed by the pet.
  • An elevated slow feeder is good for spine and joints.
  • Slow feeder dog bowl insert in a form of a rubber circle is not required to prevent it from slipping.

Our Tips for Buying the Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl

If dogs could talk, they would say if they like their bowls or not. But they can’t, so it’s you who should choose the right option. Most buy bowls for dogs based on several features: material, size, and height. But it’s not so simple. For example, if your four-legged friend has severe problems with eating too fast, it is necessary to buy a specific anti-bloat dog bowl. Only this type can help to get rid of this awful habit. So, what are the main tips for buying a slow feeder dog bowl?

  • The material of the bowl should be either stainless steel or healthy eco-plastic. A ceramic slow feed dog bowl is also a good solution but not for a long time.
  • The size of the dish should fit the size of your pet. There is a large dog slow feed bowl or a small one.
  • The presence of rubber circle at the bottom helps to keep the bowl still. Pay attention to that
  • The design must be either attractive or annoying for the dog.
  • The price should be affordable.

These are the main tips to choose the best dog food bowl to slow down eating. You can also consider color and the ability to clean it in a dishwasher if it matters to you.

Best Choice Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Our Final Advice

Our reviews of dog slow feeders shows that the best option is the Outward Hound Dog Bowl Interactive Slow Feeder. It is the very best slow feed dog bowl that has multiple advantages and is preferred by many dog owners. If you really struggle while trying to slow down the eating process of your pet, this amazing bowl will solve the problem very quickly. It is designed in a form of a maze inside, so the animal should make effort in order to reach its food. Moreover, this dog food puzzle feeder makes the pet play with its food.

Be ready that the simple magic dish will change the life of your four-legged friend and will save it from many health problems. Outward Hound Dog Bowl is an excellent helper when it comes to food.

So which one is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.