Best Dog Frisbees

5 Best Dog Frisbees To Play With Your Dog in 2019 (Reviews+Guide)

Any dog owner knows that man’s best friend likes to play a lot. And what better activity for you to share than throwing a frisbee? A high-quality dog frisbee will take the relationship between you and your dog to another level. Not only the dog will be much happier after playing with a durable dog frisbee but it will be a lot keener to listen to your commands.

However, there are a million dog frisbee toys available on the market and buying a proper one can turn out to be quite a difficult job. That’s why we’ve tested and gone through a lot of flying discs to help you in the quest of finding the best dog frisbee.

Dog Frisbee Types

When it comes to defining the best dog frisbee, there are two main categories that split the dog world in two. Hard frisbees and soft frisbees. After you make these classifications, there are multiple other characteristics that can be used to define each one. However, we will be focusing on differentiating a hard from a soft dog frisbee.

Hard Dog Frisbees

The hard frisbees are exactly like the ones you use to play with your friends at the beach. They are built from a concave piece of plastic with a lip. Even though you can flex these discs as well, they keep their circular shape. This type of frisbee can easily become the best dog frisbee for chewers because it gives the frisbee durability and you won’t have to face the problem of getting your dog used to the new toy. If you go through the dog frisbee reviews, you will notice that there are some drawbacks to the hard dog frisbees but we’ll take care of that when the time comes.

Soft Dog Discs

These are the frisbees that flex if you bend them. They’re ideal if you want to buy a small dog frisbee. The advantage of a soft frisbee is that it has no chance of hurting your dog, however, it won’t be able to travel a long distance either.

Top 5 Best Dog Frisbees Compare and Reviewed

Product Soft / Hard Diameter Floatable Rating

West Paw Tough Flying Disc
West Paw Tough Flying Disc
Soft 6.5” / 8.5” Yes
4.9 of 5
HDP Kong Dog Frisbee
HDP Kong Dog Frisbee
Soft 7” / 9” Yes
4.7 of 5
Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy
Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy
Soft 9.7” Yes
4.6 of 5
Hyperflite jawz dog frisbee
Hyperflite jawz dog frisbee
Hard 8.75” No
4.4 of 5
Discraft Super Color Ultra-Star Dog Disc
Discraft Super Color Ultra-Star Dog Disc
Hard 9” No
4.2 of 5

Best Dog Frisbee: West Paw Tough Flying Disc

West Paw Tough Flying Disc

This is a highly rated dog disc that is designed to fly like a rigid disc but it also provides extra safety with flexible materials. It is a very durable dog flying disc considering that it’s not a hard model and it will last your dog’s abuse for a long time. Also, it is FDA-compliant, non-toxic and free of Phthalates or BPAs so you won’t have to worry about your dog’s health with this best dog frisbee.

You can get the West Paw rubber dog frisbee in four different colors: Glow, Granny Smith, Aqua, and Tangerine and it comes in two available sizes: 6.5” and 8.5”. So you can buy the proper size for your dog.


  • Extremely durable even with sustained abuse from your dog
  • Flight distance comparable to hard flying discs
  • Washing-machine ready


  • Some dogs find it a bit too heavy and sometimes refuse to bring it back, however, that can be taught through training

Best Heavy-Duty Dog Frisbee: HDP Kong Dog Frisbee

HDP Kong Dog Frisbee

The Kong frisbee is a heavy-duty dog frisbee that is made from durable materials like all the other Kong toys that dogs simply love. The main difference between Kong and the other frisbees comes from the fact that it is made from natural rubber in the USA, not synthetic rubber in China.

The flexible materials help protect your dog’s gums, teeth, and face from any damage during high-intensity best dog frisbee activities. The Kong frisbee comes in two different sizes, 7” and 9” to fit all dog sizes. Also, the outside line of the frisbee has grooves that offer a nice and tight grip for the thrower.


  • One of the best performing soft disks on the market
  • The grip allows awesome control over the frisbee
  • Dogs love to play with it since it’s natural rubber


  • The large model is 255 grams, making it difficult for some dogs to handlemid-air, however, you can always go for the small model

Best Cloth Frisbee: Chuckit! Paraflight Dog Toy

Paraflight Dog Toy

This can be considered more of a cloth frisbee for dogs rather than a rubber one. Even so, it offers some really nice features like an extended flight time as well as being an awesome frisbee for playing in the water. It really is a great product especially if your dog is not a heavy chewer as the nylon weave starts to unravel if under great stress.

The design and color give this nylon dog frisbee a great look and feel and your dog will definitely agree with that. You should definitely encourage your dog to play with this best dog frisbee in the water.


  • Good cloth frisbee for dogs
  • Excellent for playing in the water
  • Appealing design


  • Nylon weave starts to unravel if under great stress so not ideal for heavy chewers

Best Dog Frisbee for Chewers: Hyperflite Jawz dog frisbee

Paraflight Dog Toy

The Hyperflite dog frisbee comes from a totally different dimension compared to other frisbees presented so far. This model is taken straight from competitive frisbee-throwing teams and as another big difference, it is an ultra-hard, puncture-resistant frisbee.The Jawz dog frisbee also comes with a dual-grip system that makes it very easy to throw and handle while the intense blue color can easily be spotted from a distance. It is a glow in the dark frisbee. Also, thanks to its durable materials, it can be labeled as a dog proof frisbee.


  • Puncture-resistant best dog frisbee
  • Professional product for competitions
  • Dual-grip system
  • Best dog frisbee for chewers


  • Does not glow in the dark very brightly

Best Competitive Frisbee: Discraft Super Color Ultra-Star Dog Disc

Paraflight Dog Toy

Even though the Ultra-Star is not specifically designed with dogs in mind, it definitely deserves attention from those that want to train their dog catching frisbee. Besides being one of the best discs available on the market, this disc has also been used by the USA Ultimate Championship series for more than 25 years.

Since it has professional features it can fly over long distances. If you want to shop for a glow in the dark dog frisbee that is also very tough and durable, this is the model for you.


  • One of the best-flying discs ever created
  • If you have big plans with your pup in terms of disc catching, this is the model for you
  • The glow in the dark feature makes it very fun to play in the evening


  • Since it’s not specifically designed for dogs and it is quite heavy for a longer flight, it can harm your dog when catching it. However, if you want to prepare your dog for competitions, this is the disc for you.

Best Dog Frisbee Buying Guide – What Are the Main Buying Considerations?

Now that you had an in-depth look at all the possible ways you can frisbee the dog into action and you also know every technical detail of the top 5 products on the market, let’s see what else you need to think of when buying a frisbee. No matter if you’re going to buy a floating dog frisbee or a nerf dog frisbee, these buying considerations can be applied at all times.

#1 Size

Even if your dog is very enthusiastic about playing fetch, having to deal with a large frisbee might take away the fun for it. Dogs are quite happy to do any kind of physical activity that involves their best friend in the whole wide world, however, you can greatly influence the fun by buying a proper size frisbee.

#2 Materials

You’ve already learned there’s more than just soft and hard frisbees. Even if you’re going for a soft frisbee, make sure it’s not made of materials that can harm the dog or that contain any weird substances. Take into consideration that your dog will chew on it and spend quite a lot of time with the frisbee in its mouth. You may also shop specifically for the best dog frisbee for chewers.

#3 Level of Training

If you decide to really train your dog for frisbee catching, you should make sure to go through all the necessary steps in order to achieve perfection. This means that you definitely won’t buy a pro dog frisbee for a pup that’s just learning how to catch things in mid-air.

#4 Quantity of Free Time

It may sound odd, however, you need to take spare time into consideration as well when shopping for the best dog frisbee. It makes no sense spending a lot of money on a dog frisbee if you’re only going to use it once a week. You probably shouldn’t get a dog at all if you’re that caught up.

Best Dog Frisbee FAQs

What Dog Breed Is the Best for Frisbee Catching?

There is not such a thing as the best breed for catching and playing with a frisbee, however, there are some breeds that have a strong retrieving instinct. The American pit bull terrier or Staffordshire terrier as well the Golden Retriever are good examples.

Are Glow in the Dark Frisbees Dangerous for Dogs?

No, all the glow in the dark frisbees are made of tough materials that can’t be chewed or swallowed by dogs.

How Can a Dog Injure Itself While Playing with a Frisbee?

Most of the injuries occur when the dog tries to catch the frisbee in mid-air. The most common injuries are at teeth or gum level, however, a bad landing can cause several other problems.

The Best Dog Frisbee – Final Advice

In case you didn’t know all the benefits of having a dog frisbee, you sure do now. It will make your walks in the park along with your dog much more exciting and intense and you will be able to keep your dog happier.

If you’re shopping for a new dog frisbee or if you’re just trying to buy the first best dog frisbee for your pup, keep in mind that there are several aspects you need to look out for. First of all, make sure to get a frisbee that is the right size for your dog. Also, keep in mind that there are several materials that have different qualities. In the end, make sure that you do allocate enough time to play with your dog.

If, after all the advice, dog frisbee reviews, and technical details you received in this article you’re still having a hard time deciding on what frisbee to buy, you can easily go with our recommendation. The West Paw Tough Flying Disk is definitely the best dog frisbee choice for any kind of dog. It has a lengthy life-span thanks to the durable and thick rubber used to manufacture it. At the same time, it’s soft and flexible enough to be great fun for the dog and it’s very easy to spot in tall grass or snow.